An entryway sets the tone for the entire home and often occupies minimal space- which means a renovation can be executed relatively quickly and economically. Give your entryway a facelift with minimal accessories and home decor tips and tools that serve a function while looking aesthetic. An entryway is the last thing to you see before you head out so a mirror would be very beneficial as an accessory. Seating that combines storage space is another great addition to the entryway one can keep all the necessary items that need quick access at one place. Check out our recommendations of
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Gatlinburg SkyBridge unveiling Valentine’s Day decor

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – The Gatlinburg SkyLift Park announced it will be unveiling its 2021 Valentine’s Day decor on the SkyBridge Tuesday.

Gatlinburg SkyBridge Valentine's Day

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Gatlinburg SkyBridge Valentine’s Day

The park took to social media showcasing their 2020 “Love is in the Air” themed Skybridge that was decked out in pink and white flowers.

The bridge reopened Friday at 10 a.m. after closing earlier in the week to switch out the decorations.

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It was a tough year here on Earth, but 2020 was a bright spot for space exploration. SpaceX sent its futuristic Starship to new heights, three countries launched Mars missions, and robots grabbed debris from the moon and an asteroid.

Next year promises more, including a planned launch of the Hubble Space Telescope’s successor.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that space themes are having a moment in home decor. When so many of us Earthlings are stuck at home because of the pandemic, space imagery can add a sense of adventure or whimsy to rooms, walls and ceilings.

“I’ve done

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Teenage fans weren’t the only ones with Leonardo DiCaprio posters plastered on their bedroom walls in the late ’90s—DiCaprio himself had one hanging in his Malibu beach house too, according to designer Megan Weaver. During a recent appearance on the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast, Weaver revealed that DiCaprio’s longtime waterfront home was once filled with Titanic memorabilia.

The Flipping Out star described to host David Yontef the time DiCaprio’s mother Irmelin gave her permission to stay in DiCaprio’s Malibu abode for a weekend in the ’90s while Weaver’s long-distance boyfriend was in town (Weaver was working

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This article first appeared in theSun Buzz CNY x Valentine’s Day edition HERE

The Lunar New Year celebrations this year may be a little quieter. However, we can still embrace the festivities by decorating the home even just a little. With these minimalistic and simple decor ideas, preparing for the festive week will be fun, laidback and enjoyable.

Lucky Wishes on the door

Start the celebrations on a festive note with lucky wishes on the door. The IKEA SOLGLIMTAR is made out of thick, durable paper and it’s easy to put up with double-sided tape that’s included. When translated, the

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If you’re looking to replace the old decor in your home that you’ve been staring at since quarantine began, your search ends here. We have curated a list of buys, from classic items to unique accent pieces, from serveware to furnishings and more. Let us know in the comments below if you love the products we recommend and what curated lists you’d want to see next.

1. This gold jewellery box

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2. Faux succulents for a splash of green

a bunch of different vegetables on display: Image Credit: Amazon

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3. These glamorous photo

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