I’m A Celebrity Sommelier & This Is What My Beauty Routine Looks Like In A Week

Jordan Salcito is a wine industry veteran with over a decade spent working as a sommelier at some of the world’s most storied restaurants. An impassioned entrepreneur, Jordan is also the founder of Drink RAMONA, a beloved line of organic Italian wine and spritzes. In September 2020, Salcito debuted a new podcast series, “Opening Up with Jordan Salcito.” This interview was told to Rachel Krause and has been edited for length and clarity. MONDAY 6:23 a.m.: I am woken up by a child

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  • is an alternative investment platform that gives investors access to unique offerings.
  • They have launched an invite-only digital real estate fund for accredited investors.
  • The real estate co-lead breaks down the strategy and what investors need to know about digital land.
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As interest rates in developed markets hit all-time lows in 2020, investors extended their risk-taking into a number of alternative and sometimes seemingly wacky trends from cryptocurrencies such as dogecoin to SPACs and NFTs.

Since 2016, the investing platform Republic has aimed to democratize alternative investing by providing access to

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In an organic garden, it is important to be resilient. That means making sure you do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Gardens can be unpredictable places. And we live in what can be, at times, an unpredictable world. By building diversity in our gardens, we can make sure we have no weak points — we can make certain that even when some things go wrong, there are other things that succeed. 

Choose A Variety of Seed Types and Different Cultivars

The first and arguably most important step in boosting resilience in your garden is ensuring you

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The D-FW and Austin markets entered March with less than a one month supply of homes for sale.


Where are all the houses for sale?

I recently reported on this at the beginning of  March, after hearing from realtors about what is happening on the ground: Often, they are seeing multiple offers above asking price sometimes within hours after a house is listed.   

Now we’re seeing more data to back that up. 

A six-month supply of houses for sale is generally considered to be a ‘healthy’ real estate market. By the end of February, the supply of available

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Despite women making up 94 percent of buying power for home goods, the woodworking, crafting, and manufacturing industry is predominantly male. “In a time where we are all striving to shine lights on unheard voices, we must put our ‘money where our mouth is’ by supporting these businesses and the stories they tell,” reminds Candace Rimes, of interior design firm Fogarty Finger.

So, during Women’s History Month, Vogue wanted to highlight artisans whose works make our homes that much more haute. We asked 12 interior designers to share their favorite female makers and why, exactly, they love them. Some

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Before we were confined in our homes, the thought of heading out for a run or to the gym was far more acceptable than running around your own backyard or exercising in the lounge!

But with social distancing firmly in place and the likelihood that we’ll have to maintain these measures for a little longer, Claire Bowen from Shower to Shower shares a few ideas to keep you moving in your safe space.

1 – The most underrated of all equipment

One of the most affordable items to keep fit, and definitely the most underrated is the humble skipping rope.

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