10 cars you can still get below sticker price, and managers view remote workers as ‘more easily replaceable’ than in-person employees

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‘You’ve got to do the right thing’: 50 healthcare groups ask employers to mandate worker COVID vaccines — but one big obstacle remains

The joint statement comes the same day the Department of Veterans Affairs said it would require vaccination for all medical staff. Read More

Managers view remote workers as ‘more easily replaceable’ than in-person employees

Some 42{8a924211cc822977802140fcd9ee67aa8e3c0868cac8d22acbf0be98ed6534bd} of supervisors said they ‘sometimes forget about remote workers when assigning tasks.’ Read More

My son has ‘lazyitis.’ He only contacts me on birthdays and Mother’s Day. I fear that inheriting my estate will only make him worse

‘I am a single parent of an adult son. I have worked my butt off to be able to provide my son with a good upbringing.’
Read More

Peppa Pig backpack shortages? Back-to-school shopping is going to be challenging and expensive

Families say they plan to spend an average of nearly $850 on back-to-school shopping this year, up $59 from 2020. Read More

Here are 10 cars you can still get below sticker price

Car prices are higher than ever these days, but here are 10 that are still selling at 78{8a924211cc822977802140fcd9ee67aa8e3c0868cac8d22acbf0be98ed6534bd} to 90{8a924211cc822977802140fcd9ee67aa8e3c0868cac8d22acbf0be98ed6534bd} below MSRP. Read More

Las Vegas makes a comeback with several big new hotels

When it comes to where you stay in Vegas, these are the biggest hotel changes to know about. Read More

Car buyers paid record prices in June, and minivans were highest

The average new car cost 37 weeks’ worth of income: this is how much Americans are paying. See which brands are highest, and where EVs fall in the mix. Read More

23 cities that raised some of this year’s U.S. Olympic athletes

These athletes are all hometown heroes, and in the cities they hail from, people will be cheering louder than anyone. Read More

My girlfriend makes twice what I earn. I reluctantly paid the $200 dinner check for her first promotion. She just got another one. Should I pay again?

‘With her promotions, we spend less time together, I take on more responsibilities at home, and we have less together.’ Read More

These are some of the most racially diverse second-home markets to consider

Many of the country’s well-known second-home destinations — think Nantucket, Cape Cod, East Hampton — are not exactly known for their diversity. But what if that’s something that is important to you as a potential buyer? Read More

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