14 U.S. states now give the rich this big tax break and Americans are bracing for higher inflation

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The risk of losing this much money got people to take an extra 1,200 steps a day

Gamifying health goals — and the risk of losing a cash reward — got veterans to exercise ‘significantly’ more. But there’s a catch. Read More

Should schools and employers mandate COVID vaccination? Americans are split

‘I do believe at the local level … there should be more mandates,’ Anthony Fauci said Sunday. Read More

My husband wants to buy his sister out of their late mother’s $150,000 dilapidated home — and allow her to stay there rent-free

‘This means we would need to take a mortgage out to cover $70,000, and take out an additional loan of $75,000 for his sister.’ Read More

Buy, borrow, die: How rich Americans live off their paper wealth

Rising stocks and rock-bottom interest rates have delivered a big perk to rich Americans: cheap loans that they can use to fund their lifestyles while minimizing their tax bills. Read More

Can my sister-in-law evict my brother from the home his in-laws bought as a ‘wedding gift’ 35 years ago?

‘Although it was a wedding gift, the home is in his mother-in-law’s trust.’ Read More

Americans are bracing for higher inflation — but expect some relief on food and gas prices

In the next year, Americans expect inflation to hover around 4.8{8a924211cc822977802140fcd9ee67aa8e3c0868cac8d22acbf0be98ed6534bd}, according to a survey published by the New York Fed. Read More

Will a merger between an online education company and nonprofit founded by Harvard and MIT make online learning viable for higher education?

The merger of 2U and edX during the pandemic signals a change in online higher education, and the hope that it will lead to more paying users. Read More

Enhanced Child Tax Credits of up to $3,600 per child will begin this week: ‘I’m going to be able to do a lot’

The advance payments on the expanded tax credit are being distributed through direct deposits and paper checks. Read More

14 U.S. states now give the rich this big tax break — and the only loser is Uncle Sam

More states may allow some high-income business owners to get around the $10,000 limit on federal deductions for state and local taxes. Read More

EVs will dominate by 2033, study finds

In the next decade, electric vehicles will make up half of sales and in 24 years the internal combustion engine will be all but gone, according to one prediction. Read More

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