A Millennial’s Guide to Safe Online Financial Life

text: Personal Finance Classroom S2E5: A Millennial’s Guide to Safe Online Financial Life

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Personal Finance Classroom S2E5: A Millennial’s Guide to Safe Online Financial Life

Transacting online is convenient. Whether it be financial transactions for shopping, booking tickets or investing, opening a bank account, many have taken online life quite seriously. But with every surge of online activity among users, the number of fraudsters has increased as well. They’re always on the lookout for easy prey. It’s not just fraudsters that the millennial needs to careful about, it’s also about her own behavior when she is on any online financial portal. Why? Because we sometimes tend to misuse websites, since they’re all just a click away. So what to do? How to save the millennial from encountering fraudsters online and ending up losing money to cyber crime?

Welcome to Moneycontrol’s personal finance classroom for the millennial, season #2. In this season, we go on a money journey with the young millennial to protect her health and wealth. In this season we tell you all about managing money during Covid-19 times. In our last episode, we spoke about how to avoid debt traps, especially while swiping credit cards.

In our  concluding episode of Season #2, we told you how to maintain a safe online financial life. We broadly addressed the following queries: How to use online payment apps safely? How not to get defrauded? What is the right path to investing online and directly, without any physical advisor to handhold you? How to choose the right mutual fund? Moneycontrol’s personal finance editor, Kayezad E. Adajania and social media editor Raksha Bihani dissected the online maze and showed you the way.

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