These relics of the past are coming back to haunt Gen Z.

Disturbed TikTok users are sharing videos of themselves finding rusty old razor blades behind their bathroom mirrors.

The discoveries are a result of small slots found in medicine cabinets seen in homes built before the 1970s. Cheap and disposable razors were most commonly used before consumers switched to plastic. The slots were meant for people to get rid of the used razor blade.

The openings led to a pit in the wall where the blades would stack up behind the mirror.

One TikToker, named Carly Knight, posted about

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12 Self-Watering Planters That Are Perfect For Busy People

The term “self-watering planter” is somewhat of a misnomer; it’s more accurate to call it a “plant bather” or a “plant moisturizer”. Whether your favorite green friend lives in a high-end posh pot or a more practical basin, these gardening assistants serve to preserve water at the bottom of their barrels for seeping, evaporating, and pouring off into the soil. In short speak: they provide your indoor plants with an efficient reservoir system, which can be helpful if you’re unable to care for them on a consistent and regular basis.With

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Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere — even in the bathroom. That’s because certain daily activities, such as using the toilet or taking a bath, can play a part in triggering cardiac arrest.

Cardiac arrest that happens in the bathroom poses certain challenges. Since bathrooms tend to be private spaces, treatment can sometimes be delayed if you need help while you’re in there.

Let’s cover the basics of cardiac arrest, go into detail about why it may happen in bathrooms, and explain what to do if you’re in the bathroom and need medical assistance.

Cardiac arrest is a heart condition where

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  • TikTokers are finding razor-blade slots in their bathroom mirrors and medicine cabinets.
  • The slots are common in homes built before 1970 and would let people “dispose” of their old blades.
  • The used blades would pile up in a space behind the bathroom mirror.
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Homes built in decades past sometimes have their quirks — from hidden showers to buried indoor hot tubs.

Recently, some TikTok users have gone viral after claiming they’ve unearthed old razor blades in the walls of their bathrooms.

The old razor blades seem to be a result of small

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Care and Feeding is Slate’s parenting advice column. Have a question for Care and Feeding? Submit it here or post it in the Slate Parenting Facebook group.

Dear Care and Feeding,

I have a 14-year-old who came out to us as nonbinary/genderfluid about a year ago. They usually present androgynously, with occasional forays more masculine or feminine. I’ve long been a staunch liberal and ally, and my spouse and I have done all we can to be supportive, accepting, and loving. But I won’t deny that this parenting path has been difficult and confusing for me. My kid came

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When we spoke to interior designer and HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition star Breegan Jane as part of her work with Amazon Devices, she shared the simplest interiors trick going.

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On the topic of the bathroom, which she says is the most important room to get right, Breegan said she tells male friends to get rid of their random, old towels and replace them with all white ones.

white bathroom

(Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

‘Those private spaces where you literally wash off the

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