Finance department honored for budget presentation

Boulder City’s finance department was recently honored for its 2021 fiscal year budget with the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association.

The award recognizes the commitment of the finance department to meet the highest principles of governmental budgeting.

“This is the first time Boulder City has received this honor,” said Diane Pelletier, finance director. “I’m honored to see this team receive one of the highest forms of recognition in governmental budgeting, especially in a year when COVID concerns and financial uncertainty remained so high.”

The finance officers association is a professional group that serves more than 20,000 members, including federal, state, provincial and local finance officials.

The criteria for the award includes meeting nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation and determining how well the budget serves as a policy document, financial plan, operations guide and communications device.

“I’ve continued to be impressed by our finance department’s high quality work,” said Taylour Tedder, city manager. “Staff understands how to present the budget with a level of simplicity so every resident is able to understand it. Boulder City is fortunate to have staff that are willing to go that extra mile to make sure residents have the information, services and assistance they need.”

There are more than 1,700 participants in the GFOA Budget Awards Program. The city’s finance department has been honored by the organization in past years for its financial reporting.

The budget presentation can be viewed at

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