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As the children of sixth-generation parents, Paulsen and Reece wanted to maintain the newspaper, but also wanted to use it to help maintain the community.

“We had two purposes,” Buddy Paulsen said. “We wanted the newspaper to keep going, but it was a way for us to really help and promote our community, too. (Kelly) really believed in that, and she did a great job doing that.”

Buddy previously owned Budaroos, a flower shop in town, for 29 years, and still has a mail delivery route he runs in the mornings.

“We love the history and nostalgia,” Paulsen said. “I think our paper is kind of unique because we mix lots of history, and we have a huge alumni base, so we focus a lot on history and what used to be, and then we promote the future.

“It’s no secret how every small town struggles to survive, and it’s been Kelly and I’s goal for a long time to try to at lease sustain our town and try to build it.”

When they bought the paper, Buddy was involved in the promotion of the town.

“I like that aspect of it,” he said. “And Kelly was the nuts and bolts. I was the creative, she took the body of the paper and handled that business end of it, and I think we were a really good combination. We did lots of history pieces on businesses. We did schools and a whole series on our churches. Whatever rolls around, whether it’s the fair or whatever, I love the history of stuff. When it started, and who started it.”

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