Hiring Kit: IT finance manager/budget director

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The IT finance manager/budget director position requires a unique skill set that mixes finance and accounting skills with IT experience and knowledge. This Hiring Kit, from TechRepublic Premium, contains a job description, sample interview questions, and a basic want ad to help you find the best candidates for this challenging position.

From the Hiring Kit:

The ultimate goal of any business enterprise is profitability. Simply put: A profitable business is a successful business. But before success can be declared, each business must first define what profitability looks like and then make a detailed plan on how to get there. Developing that budgetary plan often falls on the shoulders of the individual fulfilling the IT Finance Manager or the Budget Director role in an organization.

The IT Finance Manager/Budget Director position is a high-level position often reporting directly to the executive responsible for managing the finances for the entire organization. Depending on the size of the enterprise, the information technology version of the position may also report to the executive level, although an intermediary manager may be involved. The IT version of the position establishes accountability for achieving maximum value from an enterprise’s technology investment, which is often a major expenditure.

Finding the best candidates to meet your current business needs will require a thorough recruitment and hiring plan of action. This TechRepublic Premium Hiring Kit for IT Finance Manager/Budget Director provides a framework you can use to successfully find, recruit, and hire the best candidates for an open network administration position in your business enterprise.

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