Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Employees Are Leaving The Company

Bezos’s company sued NASA for awarding a key contract to SpaceX in what it said was uneven competition.

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Jeff Bezos may have stalled NASA’s contract with Elon Musk to get to the Moon, but many key employees are abandoning the Blue Origin ship (in this case, the rocket).

Outlets such as CNBC and Gizmodo have reported that more than a dozen high-ranking engineers have resigned from the Amazon founder’s space exploration company in recent weeks, with some joining the ranks of rival companies such as SpaceX .

According to these reports, among the main defectors is Nitin Arora, who was the principal engineer of the lunar landing program of Blue Origin and has just announced on LinkedIn that he is joining the team of Elon Musk’s space company. Another major outlet is that of former NASA astronaut Jeff Ashby, one of the directors of the New Shepard launch program. For her part, Lauren Lyons announced her entry to the Unicorn Firefly Aerospace team.

Others who have left the company include Steve Bennett, senior vice president of New Shepard; Scott Jacobs, National Security Sales Director; Bob Ess, Senior Director of New Glenn; Tod Byquist, New Glenn First-Stage Senior Director; Bill Scammell, Senior Finance Manager for New Glenn; Christopher Payne, Senior Manager of Production Testing; Nate Chapman, New Shepard technical project manager; Dave Sanderson, senior propulsion design engineer; Rachel Forman, HLS Senior Human Factors Engineer; Jack Nelson, Lead BE-4 Controller Integration and Test Engineer, among others.

Bezos’s company sued NASA for awarding a key contract to SpaceX in what it said was uneven competition. Prior to this, Bezos had written an open letter to NASA administrator Bill Nelson saying that his company would pay billions of dollars in exchange for the contract to develop a lunar lander for the Artemis program.

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