Personal Finance Apps In Provider Ranking Update

Financial management has never had it so good — as a concept or as an industry.

After another global economic collapse (how many is that in under 20 years?) and here in the smartphone-centric age of apps, we can access advice and resources of established brands and brilliant newcomers to the space. Everyone craves financial care, so you’re in the right place.

With PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps, we negotiate the vastness of available solutions, showing only the pick of the pack, as decided by downloads and other telling metrics in a galaxy of competitors and capricious corporate destinies.

Ready for some personal finance app chat? Thought so. We can always tell.

The Top Five

Last time we met up in this space, it was a simpler Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps —almost sepia-tone in comparison — as this update has upended the apple cart almost entirely.

Still ruling the roost at No. 1 is Chime Mobile Banking (we know it’s not technically a “bank,” but we didn’t pick the name), with Stash Financial gaining a spot to take No. 2 this cycle.

There’s a new tie at No. 3 between Acorns Invest Spare Change (dropping one spot) and the Current app (up one position) — a good demonstration of the competition for these spots.

Big news as Robinhood gains an impressive three chart positions to enter the Top Five at No. 4 by riding the tailwinds of a true marketplace disruptor.

Taking us out at No. 5 is another tie. This cycle it’s Albert Save and Spend Smarter staying put (they were at No. 5 last month), and the Fidelity Investments app rising one to enter the Top Five. Welcome, glad you could make it, thrilled at the prospect — just don’t touch our stuff.

The Top 10

Just to shake things up a bit, how about that Emma Budget Manager app managing its way into a Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps debut at No. 6? Doesn’t happen every month.

We’ve got a gainer at No. 7: Mint Personal Finance & Money rising one chart position.

Same story at No. 8, as ranking regular myWisely Financial Wellness rises a spot.

Not to be left out, Empower takes No. 9 in a walk, also up one chart position.

The real headline for this ranking might just be at No. 10, where we find chart newcomer EZ Expense Manager entering the Top 10 at No. 10 — no easy feat — so well done, them.

Until they come up with an app to rank all apps, we’ll see you right here in about a month.



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