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Saturday, July 17

If Jeff Bezos’ rocket fails during launch, an emergency system should jettison him to safety
Business Insider — 9:20 am ET (1320 GMT)
SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic hubs could help boost local real estate prices: NAR
Fox Business — 9:16 am ET (1316 GMT)
Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Where Space Really Begins
Wall Street Journal — 9:15 am ET (1315 GMT)
SpaceX’s Head of First All-Civilian Spaceflight Details ‘High Intensity’ Training
Newsweek — 9:12 am ET (1312 GMT)
Ohio native son and American hero John H. Glenn Jr. born 100 years ago
Columbus Dispatch — 9:10 am ET (1310 GMT)
Virgin Galactic, Aerojet Rocketdyne: How Are Space Stocks Doing? — 9:09 am ET (1309 GMT)
Bezos, Child Space Nerd, Gets His Chance to Join the Astronaut Club
Bloomberg News — 9:06 am ET (1306 GMT)
Can Richard Branson be called an astronaut now? Maybe not, but his pilots certainly qualify
ThePrint (India) — 9:04 am ET (1304 GMT)
Why Space Tourism Will Fall Flat
New York Magazine — 9:03 am ET (1303 GMT)
First Woman to Lead NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Is a BU alum
Boston Univ. — 9:00 am ET (1300 GMT)
Billionaires Do Not Need to Go to Space
Sierra — 8:59 am ET (1259 GMT)
Jeffrey Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson’s space dreams leave behind an Earth they could fix
Toronto Star — 8:57 am ET (1257 GMT)
Virgin Galactic Shares Come Back to Earth After Space Trip
Bloomberg News — 8:56 am ET (1256 GMT)
The Rocket Billionaire Who Hated Space Tourism
Wired News — 8:54 am ET (1254 GMT)
Preston Xanthopoulos: Rich guys in space are boys with extremely expensive toys — 8:53 am ET (1253 GMT)
Scotland’s richest man lobbied ministers over spaceport plans
The Scotsman — 8:52 am ET (1252 GMT)
Idaho Falls company’s building supports billionaire’s space trip
Idaho State Journal — 8:49 am ET (1249 GMT)
ISRO gearing up for two launches – GSLV Mk2-GISAT in August, PSLV in September
Daily News and Analysis (India) — 8:48 am ET (1248 GMT)
Generation Apollo, Part 2: Men on the moon, their children back on Earth
CNN — 8:46 am ET (1246 GMT)
NASA Astronaut & Commander Of SpaceX’s First Human Mission Doug Hurley Retires
WMFE-FM Orlando — 8:45 am ET (1245 GMT)
Hubble Space Telescope Is Back in Action After NASA Fixes Odd Glitch
Wall Street Journal — 8:45 am ET (1245 GMT)
Hubble is back, thanks to backup hardware
Ars Technica — 8:43 am ET (1243 GMT)
An Alabama lawmaker just wants NASA to fly SLS, doesn’t care about payloads
Ars Technica — 8:42 am ET (1242 GMT)
ERS: 30 years of outstanding achievements
ESA — 8:41 am ET (1241 GMT)
Rescuing Integral: No thrust? No problem
ESA — 8:40 am ET (1240 GMT)


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