Californians who swapped mind-numbing traffic and packed trains for “commutes” to a home office or living room don’t want to go back to their old daily grind.

That’s according to a University of Southern California survey released Monday, which found more than half of those surveyed who are now telecommuting want to keep working from home at least three days a week after the pandemic ends. Just 18% are hoping they’ll go back to in-person work every day.

In the Bay Area, where many workers before COVID spent hours each weekday enduring some of the nation’s worst traffic, those attitudes

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In the few years under the leadership of Gov. Phil Murphy, NJ Transit has added staff, kept fares flat, increased spending on new buses and train cars, but have these improvements translated to a better experience for the riders looking to return to the daily commuting grind? 

The answer depends on who you ask.

“It’s going to be a dramatically different experience for the commuter,” Murphy said in a recent interview with NorthJersey.comand the USA Today Network New Jersey. “I don’t want anyone to think that we’ve accomplished everything and we can declare victory — that’s not what I’m

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