A restaurant in Fargo has drawn praise for its response to a customer complaining about its gender neutral bathroom signs.

Luna Fargo shared an email from a customer who identified himself as a working for a “Fortune 500 tech company,” and who said he was offended by the restaurant’s “Whichever” bathroom sign when he took a date to the restaurant (though he spelt it “Wichever”)

He described it as “totally offensive,” noting that his date chose not to use the bathroom as a result.

Luna responded by making the complaint public, saying “it was only right to

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Viggo Mortensen was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in 2018’s “Green Book,” but his long career includes Oscar nominated roles in 2017’s “Captain Fantastic” and David Cronenberg’s “Eastern Promises,” (2007). Mortensen has been memorable in films as different as “A History of Violence” and  “Crimson Tide,” and then, of course, there’s “Lord of the Rings.”

His new film, “Falling,” is a bit of a departure.

He wrote the screenplay, directed and stars as John, a man grappling with the care of his aged and bitter father who is battling dementia. It’s Mortensen’s directorial debut.

“I see myself,

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