One of the most striking effects of the pandemic in New York was the outbound movement from Manhattan to less crowded suburban neighborhoods and the subsequent boom of the suburban real estate market. Real estate in the city and suburbs seemed to be a zero sum game.

“This outbound pattern created the idea that the suburbs had their day at the cities’ expense, and that cities were over,” said Jonathan Miller, of Miller Samuel, the appraisal company. “As it turns out, the assumption that there’s a binary relationship between city and suburbs isn’t quite right, as measured by sales activity.”

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When a house in Berkeley sold for more than $1 million over its list price in late March 2021, it was covered in media outlets across the Bay Area, including this one

While the Berkeley sale was particularly sensational — it sold for double its list price and received 29 offers — these individual stories are becoming more common in today’s real estate market, according to recent data and anecdotes from real estate professionals. 

And that’s especially true in the East Bay. “People are not surprised when a home goes $1 million over,” said Josh Dickinson, the founder of

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The Reuben brothers aren’t yet widely known in New York real estate circles, but soon they will be.

Simon and David Reuben — a pair of UK-based billionaires who were born in India to Iraqi Jews and immigrated to London when they were teenagers — have been quietly scooping up properties across New York City during the pandemic as they amass one of the world’s biggest real-estate portfolios.

In December, the siblings paid $150 million to buy the bankrupt the Surrey Hotel — a 95-year-old icon of the Upper East Side that housed celebrity chef Daniel Boulud’s Café Boulud.

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Real estate investors may soon pay more taxes on high-dollar transactions.

President Joe Biden is asking for higher taxes on real estate transactions with gains of more than $500,000. The tax plan aims to help cover the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan, which pumps money into child care, paid family leave and education programs.  

However, financial experts say the tax hike may also put a strain on smaller investors.

The strategy on the chopping block — so-called like-kind or 1031 exchanges — allows investors to defer paying taxes on real estate by rolling profits

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Jeff Sloan, Global Payments CEO, joins Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and Kristin Myers to discuss the company’s earnings and acquisition of real estate software company Zego.

Video Transcript

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: The payments technology company Global Payments is breaking into the real estate industry with its latest acquisition, buying the property management software company Zego in an all-cash deal valued at $925 million. The announcement comes the same day that Global Payments posted strong earnings with a return to growth in the first quarter. Revenue was up 5% from a year ago to top $1.8 billion. Joining us now is Global

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There’s a truism that when you lose one sense, like hearing, your other senses are heightened to compensate.

I’ve thought of that truism a lot as I watched our team of brokerage professionals continue to drive real estate, build relationships and negotiate deals even when COVID deprived them of one of their strongest tools: the face-to-face meeting.

Bob Young, Weitzman

Before COVID, we met clients (or potential clients) at the property, at their offices, or during trade shows like RECon in Vegas, which could attract up to 50,000 retail professionals for dealmaking.

COVID greatly reduced the real estate brokerage community’s

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