The Joe Biden Presidency

PSUjake said… (original post) It’s a shame what’s happening in Afghanistan, but honestly I still think Biden’s got the right idea.. Those people have gotta learn …

And many of the people who are yelling the loudest about our leaving and what will happen and how we should stay are many of the same people who don’t actually want themselves or their family over there in the front lines.

We left the Afghans with more military equipment than the Taliban, had a military force of 300,000 which was bigger than the Taliban, and the fact that most of them, just gave up and didn’t fight is yet another reason why the US shouldn’t be there fighting and dying for people who didn’t want to fight and die themselves. Yes, there are Afghans who wanted to fight but not enough. We went in and did what we needed to do in 2001/2, and should have be gone by 2005/6. Everyone knew the history of Afghanistan. Hell you only had to back to the Soviet Union’s attempts. Afghanistan is what it is and what it always will be.

People who don’t understand macroeconomics complain that we don’t have enough money to fix our own country, but claim we should fix others? Think of what could have been accomplished in the US if we had designated that money to rebuild the US instead of Afghanistan.

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