Will Business Etiquette Make Your Business More Successful?

There is a lot that goes into creating a successful business. Good products, excellent marketing, perfect merchandising and business plans are a few of the things needed. However, business etiquette is a crucial detail that often gets overlooked.

Many people wonder why business etiquette is essential. Will business etiquette actually make your business more successful? Yes, it will! Business etiquette plays an enormous role in the success of any business. It is the oil that ensures the engine runs smoothly.

Importance of learning proper business etiquette

Often, people study various topics to improve their workplace performance. These may include accounting basics, creating a social media presence, resume writing and interview skills. However, most people often forget to learn proper business etiquette.

Business etiquette can improve communication. Good communication is easy to neglect in business, especially with familiar teams. As people become comfortable, they tend to forget their manners, but a professional attitude is always beneficial. Business etiquette teaches proper communication techniques. It emphasizes proper nonverbal, verbal and written communication. You learn many things, including proper grammar, enunciation, confidence while speaking, and how body language affects perception.

Another critical thing doubters of etiquette forget is that business etiquette enhances confidence. This confidence comes because business etiquette teaches what to say, trust in one’s abilities, and how and when to react. Having this knowledge puts people at ease, knowing they have the power to control themselves, even when surroundings such as customers and the market are unknown. Another added confidence booster is the lesson in self-respect and respecting others. Respect keeps people from feeling taken advantage of or unsafe.

How business etiquette makes a business successful

There are five main ways that business etiquette enables a business to be successful.

1. Business etiquette ensures good team dynamics

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Business etiquette teaches good and proper relations amongst team members. Good relations ensure respectful interactions. A team grounded in good communication and elevated by respectful interactions will work well together. Good communication and respect will overrule personal feelings, ensuring that everyone gets along professionally.

Business etiquette creates a professional and mutually respectful atmosphere in a business. This improves communication among team members and helps the office be a productive place. A team that gets along will take the business a long way.

2. Business etiquette enhances customer relations

Good communication skills make teams better at dealing with customers. Handling customer complaints with grace and answering queries with humility is a result of good business etiquette. One of the most popular business sayings is “The customer is always right.” It is said to mean that the customer is the business. Without the customer – even the most difficult one – the business would not do well.

Dealing with customers is easier when following general business etiquette as it improves customer relations, and good customer relations equal great business return.

Also, remember that everyone feels better when they know they are respected and heard. Business etiquette teaches respect and communication. These key lessons improve customer-employee interactions, resulting in better relations.

3. Business etiquette allows for adaptability

Business etiquette teaches that etiquette protocols are different throughout the world. Just because it works here does not mean it will work there. The etiquette rules are different in other cities, countries and cultures.

Learning and applying business etiquette will allow a business to be open to adapting to new environments. It helps prevent rigidity and keeps a business from becoming irrelevant with changing times, markets and demographics.

4. Business etiquette ensures good first impressions

Not only do people need to make a good first impression, but businesses do, too. When the entire team communicates well, dresses impeccably and acts professionally, the business gets to make a great first impression. Good first impressions will open many doors as clients and investors alike are impressed.

5. Business etiquette builds and maintains trust

Business is all about relationships. There are critical relationships between coworkers, management and lower-level team members. There are also relationships between the customers and the business, or suppliers and the business. Businesses are nothing without relationships, and just like any other relationship, a business relationship is nothing without trust.

Customers have to trust the business’ products or services, team members have to trust one another to perform their jobs well, and suppliers have to trust that the business will pay for the supplies acquired. This rapport of trust is built over time and accelerated by proper, deliberate, and continuous business etiquette.


Take the time to improve the business etiquette of each team member. This can be done through corporate classes and training. Also, every business should create an environment that promotes learning and good etiquette. Not only will each person experience growth, but the business will flourish, too.

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